My mail lady and I do not see eye to eye. For almost 2 years now, whenever I get a package she insists that I drop everything I’m doing and drive up to the mailbox (about .8 miles from my house) that instant to get it. Apparently she’s not allowed to drive right up to my house?

99% of the time I have a life and can’t make it up there right that moment so she says I can pick it up at the post office after ‘x’ time. But when I go to pick it up, she has it out for delivery again and the same thing happens again. Gah! Just leave it at the post office, I will go pick it up when I go to town. Seriously irritating.

Anyway, this is my first post on here. I’ll be transfering some older posts of mine later on and introduce myself some more later. Cause I now have to go to the post office. Again. Sigh.


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