The Chronicles of 2 husbandless women for a year


So I’ve decided to entertain you all (if anyone reads this blog that is!) with some fun times.

It was the year 2012 (Oct 2011-October 2012 to be exact. My husband had just started his career as a truck driver and my friend Sam’s husband had just started a year of tour of duty in S Korea.

I was living in Canon City at the time and Sam at the US Air Force Academy. I came to visit her one day and then just never left lmao.

Onto the story!

Why I have a German Shepherd Dog as a Service Dog

So we were robbed once. It was fairly harmless and all they got away with was money but still. Kinda scary, especially since I am a rabid fan of CBS’s show Criminal Minds and there was an episode last season where an unsub abducted a woman from a parking lot.

We had just pulled up to the Walmart on North Academy. Can’t remember what we were there for, but for a brief while Sam considered training her Golden Retriever Molly as a Service Dog for her daughter so we took her with us so I could evaluate how she did in a public place. My usual service dog (in training) is my German Shepherd Sasha, who while she looks and sounds scary, she’s all bark. We left her at home and took Molly instead so we wouldn’t have to deal with a dog in training (brand new in training at that time) and an evaluation at the same time.

Toting around three kids and a service dog is tiring work, so we were trying to get everyone situated when these two guys selling ‘magazines’ approached our car. They went into their sales pitch, attempted flirting (failed miserably) and were VERY persistent. Molly was in the back of the car wagging her tail away (sometimes she’s protective but others, particularly this day, she’s just all hey guys! Please pet me while you rape and murder these fine people in the car! -Sam) and Sam’s oldest was chatting away to the guys. They started to get a very dangerous tone, so we decided to just go with it and give them the money before it got bad. They walked us into the store to the ATM, Sam got out the money and gave it to them and they left laughing and saying ‘Thanks for dinner!’

Molly did very well on her very first and last public outting (Sam decided not to use a service dog for her daughter)

And we also had completely forgotten we had her husband’s gun in the glove compartment. Also there was a patrol car sitting outside the door (opposite door we went in of course).

But hey, better safe and less a little money than dead I suppose. But things like this are why I use a German Shepherd as a service dog. While my dog would never bite anyone, her looks alone deter most criminals. Anyone ever watch a cops episode where they threaten to send the dog out? Yeah, they almost ALWAYS give up when they hear that 😉

So that’s one story. I have many many more that I will share once a week on here. Let me know if you like these kind of ‘segments’ and I’ll come up with some more topics 🙂


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