Wind Farms


So I have nothing against ‘green’ energy or even windmills. What I do have a problem with is these things being forced upon people that don’t want them.

Yes, I understand how the money from leasing your land to these people may help keep your farm afloat. But a lot of these windmills will be less than 800ft from your neighbors’ front doors. We will have to deal with shadow flickers, high emf output from power lines, the noise, the lights, etc and we didn’t even sign up for this! Its one thing to willing subject yourself and your family to it, another to be forced to deal with it. What about those of us who may be forced to relocate because of health problems?  There’s a lot of debate on whether wind turbine syndrome exists (personally I don’t believe enough research has been done to either prove or disprove it) but that’s not something I personally am willing to chance. Shadow flicker however is a real thing and can severely impact a person’s mental health. And I have enough of those kind of problems thank you very much.

There are plenty of areas out here where these things can be put. Why they need to be smack dab in the middle of homes is beyond me.

Also where is the water needed to make the concrete bases going to come from? Remember, the eastern plains are dry and desert like. Those of us not in Calhan proper that are on wells don’t even know when our wells may dry up.

What about ice throw? A lot of these turbines will be right up against roads. Calhan Rd S (the road I live off) will have them almost right up against the road. Large chunks of ice being hurled off the blades right next to the ONLY road out of my neighborhood sounds like a huge safety concern to me. Our school buses run on that road.

What happens if one of them catches on fire? Our fire department is a volunteer department and while the men and women there work hard, we just don’t have the resources to handle a catastrophe like that. And I for one have had enough of fires to last me a lifetime.

Also this crap about Golden West policing themselves? Its just asking for a disaster.

The extra amounts of mag chloride that will have to be used on the roads (dirt roads that cannot handle the kind of traffic that will go along with the construction of this project) may seep into the ground and poison our wells.

Also the energy from the turbines won’t even be benefiting our community as the energy will be going to Denver. There was a lot of talk of this creating jobs. But most of those jobs people in Calhan or even El Paso County won’t be qualified for and they will bring in workers from other states. And once construction is over, all those jobs will be gone as I’m told they will only have at most 10 regular employees.

The way this project was handled leaves me completely uneasy and honestly sickens me. A lot of adjacent land owners didn’t even know about this project until a few months ago. Golden West is a shady company that only pushed this through so quickly for the tax breaks.

I fear for the future of my community. But maybe this will all turn out okay though and that’s all I can hope for at this point.


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