Hey here I am again


Seriously, this Take Shape for Life challenge has COMPLETELY changed my life for the better. Insomnia is almost a thing of the past, I’m loosing weight, and I’ve become a MUCH cheerier person. It snowed last night. And I didn’t even throw a fit. (Usually this makes me very grumpy.



However some laziness still clings on. I haven’t been writing like I planned on (hence the rare updates on here) nor have I started on any of my home improvement projects.

My car is being stupid right now. Tire pressure light keeps coming on but nothing is wrong with the tires…. I am NOT putting anymore money into the stupid thing since its going bye bye soon.

Toes got neutered a few weeks ago. And of COURSE there were complications and he ended up with an infection. So had to shove antibiotics down his throat for a week and poor guy had to wear a cone. But luckily he’s all better now.

Tomorrow is my Maeve’s first birthday 😀 I’m getting her a birthday hat that she will probably eat off her head but hopefully I can get some pics first. And I’m making her a cake. Yes I’m THAT crazy dog lady.

From this

To this. They grow so fast 😦 Her breeder has a litter on the ground at the moment (half brothers and sisters) so I must avoid her house at all costs otherwise my husband might strangle me.

So I’ve been gone for awhile


Honestly kinda forgot I had this. Oops.

And since I’m feeling particularly lazy here are updates in bullet form

-my husband is gone again 😦

-my little girl is completely healed from her spay

-the dog training warden is back. 🙂 I even have a full schedule for them complete with both journals and excel documents. Maeve and Roxy need some work and Sasha needs a refresher

-back to going to drop in obedience class (forgot just how much I missed it!) And also Maeve is starting conformation class on Sat! 🙂

-speaking of excel, I got a netbook mini. Some off brand but it has windows 7 home premium on it and Microsoft office. And I only paid $50 for it, score!

-I have 2, count them, TWO entire chapters planned out for my reincarnation ‘novel’ that is still unnamed. 😀 Prologue and Epilogue are also written. Also have ch11 planned out for ‘Academy’. 🙂

-I am on a new ‘diet’ (really more of a healthy living type deal) that I am LOVING. I’m taking a 12 week challenge where I could win all sorts of prizes, including some really great trips. I even have a health coach, her name is Lisa and she is ah-mazing! 2 days in and I already am feeling SO much better. (I was out of bed willingly by 7:30 am! Huge improvement over laying in bed depressed and anxious until 11am) Lisa has tools to help me with my depression and insomnia through this program, so I am very excited!

-I also went a little nuts organization wise. I forgot how keeping journals for just about everything I can think of makes me happy 🙂 I have both hard and digital copies of everything!

That’s all I can think of for now. Ill post some pics soon though 🙂 Hope everyone is having as great of a new year as I am! 🙂