Been busy!


I’ll just do highlights since I’ve been gone for so long lol.

Been pretty busy, mostly with Gideon and his school. He is LOVING it, though this momma can’t believe how much stuff they do for preschool these days. Seems like at least one or two nights a week, and the school week is only 4 days!

Maeve has been training hard and she is just excelling at being a service dog. Very willing to please, I love this girl and our new relationship!

I had to retire Sasha from SD work after she was attacked by another dog. She is now fairly dog reactive, though we’ve been working on that through IPO classes (strictly obedience at this point but I can’t wait until we get to bitework!) She’s still my girl though and she is enjoying her retirement.

Roxy has been slowly going downhill sadly. She’s only been with us a year, but I’m extremely attached to her even though she tries to eat anyone but Gideon and I. Poor thing was diagnosed with SAS (sub-aortic stenosis, a heart condition where one of the valves of her heart is very narrow) and severe hip dysplacia. She is on medication and getting acupuncture treatments but they don’t seem to be helping much. Taking her back to the vet for blood work again on Thursday. She has been limping on her front legs for a few weeks now as well and the vet suspects possible bone cancer. I am not ready to say goodbye to her, though if she tells me its time, I will do what’s best for her. It sucks adopting senior dogs with health problems, but if I had to do it again, I would.

Aladdin and the cats are doing well. Wicca is turning into a fat little thing lol. And Aladdin has finally recovered and is even getting to the point of fat. The vet says I should start reducing his feed, but I’m a bit reluctant as horses are a pain and the slightest change in feeding schedules can upset them. I’ll take fat happy pony over sickly horse any day!

Me well, it seems I severely pissed someone off cause it’s been one thing after another with my health. Got the flu, and then after that there was an overgrowth of bacteria in my stomach. Lost almost 10lbs during that 3 week ordeal. And then just when it was looking like I’d get back to normal life, my brilliant self got my leg impaled on the horse gate. I have a 2 inch deep puncture in my upper thigh that keeps rebleeding when I walk on it, so now I get to use a cane. They wanted to put me in a wheelchair but there’s now way that would work with my house lol.

So yeah, that’s what’s been going on at the Redneck Ranch lately. I’ll try to be better about updating this thing!