Almost May already?


Updates in bullet form, otherwise this would be a novel. The horridness called this year continues, with some good in there as well.

The Bad

-Had to give away my horse, but he found a good retirement home where I get to see him occassionally

-My grandpa decided to stop all treatment a month ago and so now we’re just playing a waiting game 😦 Utterly heartbroken. I talk to him almost everyday and it’s so hard knowing he’s hurting so much 😦

-Still fighting the wind farm, waiting for court dates right now and practically begging cdot to inspect these drivers. I’ve almost been hit 3 times now, once from them passing me at unsafe and speeds and twice for them not stopping at a stop sign. I’ve pulled Gideon from the bus until they get a handle on this as I don’t feel comfortable with him on the bus on these roads with the truckers. And no one can give me an answer on who I file my complaints to! Next Era and Blatner don’t care, our elected county officials don’t care, CDOT says it’s port of entry’s problem, they say it’s CDOT’s. So frustrating! All I’m asking for is a little safety for my family and my community!

-Sasha strained her teres major muscle in her right shoulder :/ She is on crate rest for 4 weeks and then we are being sent up to CSU Vet teaching hospital for rehab therapy. My poor girl 😦

-Both Maeve and Karma are in heat at the same time which means I’m without a service dog for a few weeks. It’s really hard to do much of anything :/ The constant panic attacks are really starting to wear on me.

The Good

-Got a new brat monster puppy. She’s a 6 month old German Shepherd and her name is Karma. She’s training to be Maeve’s back up and so far she has really surprised the hell out of me and is catching onto everything almost instantly.

-Gideon started baseball!!! He is having SO much fun with it and it’s really great for him to have an activity outside of school.

-New phones for both me and hubby with service that actually WORKS! It’s a miracle!!!

That’s all for now. I’ll update more with pics later 🙂